DIY Spray in Truck Bed Liner

Since 1996, Scorpion has been establishing our now well-known track-record as the premiere supplier of easy to use, high-abuse truck bed liners and protective coatings.  In the past few years we have had an overwhelming number of satisfied customers that have told us, “I love the coating in my truck.  Is there a way I can apply it to things other than my truck?  Do you offer a DIY kit?”  Our customers spoke, and we listened.

Al’s Liner Professional Series DIY Products

Al's Liner Professional Series DIY Products

Al’s Liner Professional Series DIY Products

Our DIY product-line is for you, our valued customers who like to get things done. We call it Al’s Liner.  There are many stories about how Al’s came to be named, but the story we’re sticking with goes like this: the product was originally called Automotive Liner System or ALS, which our Scorpion team morphed into “Al’s” Liner.  Enough about the name – let’s get to the products.

Featured as Scorpion’s stand-out product in the pantheon of Al’s Liners is the Professional Series DIY Liner Kit.  This can be used as a truck bed liner or a protective coating for anything under the sun.  We have had hundreds of pictures sent to us from customers using Al’s Liner to protect everything from truck beds to light posts and even rifle stocks. Virtually any surface can be coated with Al’s Liner, including wood, metals, and fiberglass.

Al’s Liner equips you to get the job done right, with a spray-gun, application, prep tools, additives, accessories, and a line of DIY window tint.  Al’s has also gone above and beyond our basic line of DIY products, now offering specialty coatings such as the HNR or Heat and Noise Reducer; this high-grade latex paint combined with ceramic microspheres repels heat and reduces noise and vibration.  Al’s products are easy to use and can be found at various retail outlets online and around the country.

Al’s Liners are industry stand-outs that prove themselves year after year as the top, heavy-duty, commercial-grade coating – packaged for the DIY user, so buy as much or as little as you need.

Learn more about Al’s Liner by visiting our DIY Truck Bed Liner site www.alsliner.com

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