Scorpion Uses

Scorpion can be applied wherever advanced protection
is needed:

•    Trucks
•    Flatbeds
•    Off-Road Vehicles
•    RV’s and Campers
•    Roofing
•    Boat Hulls and Decks
  •    Floors
•    Horse Trailers
•    Decks and Walkways
•    Kennels
•    Cattle Trucks
•    Wheel Chair Ramps

Scorpion lining bonds permanently to:

• Steel • Aluminum • Wood • Concrete • Fiberglass

Truck Beds

Don’t let this happen to you.

Go ahead, USE that truck. There’s no reason to be afraid to make that truck work as hard as you do. Scorpion Bonded Truck Bed Protection lets you protect your investment. You and your truck can work hard all day long and still show up at the opera (or the rodeo) looking like the king of the hill.

Stays showroom new.

Now you can make the hardest working part of your truck STRONGER than the work it does. In just a few hours you’re protected for the life of your truck. Scorpion works hard but keeps looking great.

Horse Trailers

Putting your product a step above the competition.
Scorpion spray coating technology adds value to your product and increases customer satisfaction. Because Scorpion extends the longevity and useful life of your trailer, it creates the return of satisfied customers.

Scorpion is a high tech polyurethane that improves trailer quality and increases product life. it provides an impenetrable barrier that is impervious to urine, manure and the every day abuses of trailer life. Scorpion does not deteriorate in sunlight.

Floor mats are not required. Because Scorpion permanently stops rust, it elimanates metal floor deterioration.

Scorpion enhances appearance and durability while reducing labor. It is much easier than cutting and installing a rubber mat.

Scorpion helps keep your trailer...

•    Looking Great. makes a beautiful appearance.
•    Cleaner. Easy to clean with water. Returns to
      showroom appearance easily and quickly.
•    Quieter. Absorbs sound and doesn’t squeak, flap,
      or creak.
•    Safer. Provides a non-slip surface that can’t be
      punctured or kicked out of place by hooves,
      horseshoes, shovels, etc. Scorpion is NON-toxic.
•    Longer lasting. Stops trailer deterioration. Bonds
      directly to metal or wood to completely stop rust.
      It can easily be repaired if damaged.

Decks, Stairs, Patios and Walkways

Give your home beautiful protection with a permanent industrial-strength barrier against weather, chemicals, temperature & years of use -- GUARANTEED!

Scorpion can be used for decks and stairs, and comes in many attractive colors.

Scorpion provides a safe, non-slip alternative to stain. Don’t worry about re-staining every few years - Scorpion is a permanent coating.

Scorpion not only protects & beautifies you home, but will also give you a textured non-slip surface where needed. It not only eliminates wear and tear, but will not crack or warp, even in extreme weather conditions.


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