Scorpion Bed Liner Equipment

The Scorpion design ethic is one of simplicity and ease of use. Coating truck bed-liners or commercial applications with any one of Scorpion’s spray gun options is easy, fast, and enjoyable. In addition to bed liner spray guns, we offer a variety of spray gun equipment.

Find out more about our electric spray guns and equipment below.

EG570 Electric Spray Gun

The Scorpion EG570 Electric Spray Gun is the first of its kind. Working with Wagner SprayTech, we have created an electric spray gun that is perfectly suited to our truck bed-liner material. With this gun, an air-compressor is no longer necessary, enabling you to take your spray gun wherever you go. Simply plug in with an extension cord and go whichever way makes mobile applications easy. Scorpion guns are also designed to work seamlessly with our 2-gallon kits. Simply mix the material, fit the cup to the EG570, and go. Units are shipped with an exclusive 1/2 gallon and 1 gallon cup (starting early 2014).


– Electric
– Easy to Use
– Mobile Friendly
– Easy to Clean and Reuse
– Reduced Overspray – Waste Reduction
– Can be Used with Multiple Coatings/Paints/Stains
– High and Low Pressure Settings

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Large Volume Spray Gun

X02 is a viscous material that needs a special delivery system. Scorpion’s large-volume hopper gun does the trick. As mixed material is placed into the upper, the applicator pulls back the trigger, and air is released from the chamber while the front nozzle is opened. Air and XO2 blast through the front of the gun through 7 port openings, giving the applicator an even spray pattern. Scorpion’s Large Volume gun allows the material to be applied quickly and evenly, and to top it off, is very easy to clean without using solvents.



– Pneumatic
– 2.5 Gallon Capacity
– 7 Port Nozzle
– Air Requirements: 18.5 cfm @ 90 psi
– Operating Range: 30 to 120 psi
– Air Supply Connection: 3/8″

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Low Volume Spray Gun

With its special 5-point texture spray nozzle, this gun will maximize the durability of your truck bed-liner smaller volume application by allowing a customized texture and thickness to match any finish you like. With a simple air regulator, you can adjust the air pressure and achieve a variety of textures. The Al’s Liner Spray Gun also has an adjustable trigger pull mechanism that allows you to set the maximum amount of trigger you can pull, and no solvents are needed for cleaning.



– Pneumatic
– 1.5 Gallon Capacity
– 5 Port Nozzle
– Air Requirements: 7 cfm @ 40 psi
– Operating Range: 15-40 psi
– Air Supply Connection: 3/8″

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The Mini-Hopper is an additional hopper appreciated by many applicators due to its smaller size. It allows use of the Large Volume Spray Gun in places and spaces where the large volume hopper just won’t fit. The mini-hopper has a 2.5 quart capacity, and can only be used with the large volume gun.

This hopper can only be used with the large volume gun.

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Gun Holder

The gun holder is custom-made, designed to sit in a 5-gallon pail. This gives the applicator a perfect resting place while the hopper is being filled.

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LMR (Lecithin Mold Release)

This is our retail-branded Al’s Liner LMR. LMR is a paintable lecithin mold release that works great as a release-agent when sprayed inside the guns and hopper prior to use. When the material hardens in the gun, it can simply be peeled out, making clean-up very simple. The guns can be cleaned just by opening them and pulling out the core. With LMR, solvents are a thing of the past.

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Prep Tools

Nylon Bristle Cup Brush

A well-prepared surface is the key to achieving a long-lasting and durable coating with Scorpion Truck Bed Liners and Industrial Coatings. To help you achieve a perfect, effortless preparation every time, we developed the Al’s Liner Cup Brush, a professional series abrasive nylon bristle- cup brush. Its tough nylon bristles do a fantastic job sanding, scuffing, and blending surfaces.

The Al’s Liner Cup Brush attaches to a pneumatic rotary tool and will speed-up the sanding time on your next truck bed-liner, other painted surfaces and more. When applying an XO2 application to a surface, scratches are needed in order for the 8001 Adhesion Promoter to “bite” into. The XO2 bed liner coating then adheres to the 8001.

The red cup brush is available in two sizes: 4″ and 6″. ARBOR SIZE: 5/8″ MAX RPM: 6500

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Variable Speed Polisher

This is an electric, variable-speed polisher that can be used to spin the red cup brushes. When used with the red cup brush, the applicator can get a great scuff on painted surfaces, and the brand may vary.

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Various Mixing & Measuring Tools

Mix Paddle – Used to mix XO2 mixture

Mixing Containers – Used to measure and mix XO2 mixture

Measuring Cups – Used to measure color, flake, crumb, etc for XO2 mixtures

Pump Sprayers – Used with 8001 and/or Prime Bond Cleaner

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