Scorpion Bed Liner High Pressure Systems

Scorpion High Pressure Systems are 100% solids, contain zero VOC and are quick to dry and easy to use.

Fast-setting polyurea spray systems for our unique aromatic and aliphatic polyurethane formulations produce incredible results, with minimal operation, and have a tack-free time as short as 6 seconds. Did we mention they are 100% solids and contain zero VOC’s?

Applications Include (but not limited to):

– Truck Bed Liners
– Wheel Wells
– Fender Flares
– Rocker Panels
– Tool Boxes
– Trailers
– Utility Beds
– Boats
– OEM/Commercial/Industrial Applications

Scorpion supplies a complete lineup of high pressure polyurea systems including:

Scorpion Aromatic

Scorpion Aromatic is a fragrant polyurea hybrid formulation that is the workhorse of the Scorpion Polyurea product-line.

Scorpion Aromatic stands behind the performance and durability of our polyurea, and we offer it at the price of a hybrid. Great for applications requiring high tensile strength, cut and abrasion resistance and overall toughness. It has a gel-time of 3 seconds and a tack-free time of only 6 seconds.

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Scorpion Aliphatic

Scorpion Aliphatic is a fast setting, two component aliphatic polyurea.

This series of aliphatic coating is designed to offer extremely high color stability and gloss retention. This coating is tough and resilient, and as a family of products represents the highest quality exterior grade UV stable polyurea in the Scorpion product line. It has a gel time of 30 seconds and a tack-free time of 45 seconds.

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Scorpion Green

Scorpion Green is an aromatic polyurea hybrid formulation, compounded using a proprietary blend of natural oil polymers.

The Green series is a fast-set spray polymer that is an excellent coating for steel and wood but can also be used for aluminum or fiberglass. It has a gel time of 3 seconds and a tack free time of only 6 seconds. Scorpion Green is also very application friendly in hot and humid conditions.

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Scorpion Gel

Scorpion Gel is an aromatic polyurea formulation that is used in both the construction and OEM markets due to its excellent physical properties and resistance to moisture issues.

Scorpion Gel has been specially formulated for use in secondary containment over geotextile fabric, but has additional found use in corrosion protection, waterproofing, concrete restoration, and OEM applications. Gel has a longer gel time allowing for a lick smooth surface.

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High Pressure Equipment Packages

All high pressure equipment packages are custom created. Call or email about getting a quote.

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