Special Formulations

Over the years we have modified Scorpion XO2 to meet specific requirements for certain applications. Two of these special formulations are FR or Fire Retardant formulation and ZBG or Zero Biological Growth Formulation.

XO2 FR (Fire Retardant Formulation)

Scorpion XO2 FR has all the same characteristics of XO2 but features a special self-extingusing additive. XO2 FR Formulation is a three component acrylic reinforced aliphatic, aromatic polyurethane protective coat in system specially designed to meed the FAA’s fire retardant standard for aircraft interiors. It establishes solid adhesion to various substrates and can be applied to horizontal, vertical, overhead and irregular shaped surfaces.


Possible Applications Include:

– Fire & Rescue Vehicles
– Aircraft Interiors
– Storage Tanks

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XO2 ZBG (Zero Biological Growth Formulation)

Scorpion XO2 ZBG has all the same characteristics of XO2, nbut will not support mold, mildew or bacteria. ZBG is the coating of choice in an environment where mold, mildew, and/or bacteria control is an issue. Scorpion XO2 is chemically engineered to have very few free carbons which are the cause of biological growth. ZBG goes a step further by being manufactured with the addition of a US EPA approved additive. This additive, plus the inherent low free carbon nature of XO2 result in a voting that is tough, durable, UV stable, and highly resistant to any biological growth.


Possible Applications Include:

– Ambulances
– Shower Facilities

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